• Dali Butterfly Spring|National AAAA-Level Tourist Attraction

Butterfly Spring

Hometown of "Five Golden Flowers" - Butterfly Spring Welcomes You!

Butterfly Spring Park (Hudie Quan in Chinese) is located at the foot of Yunong Peak,where is 25km away from Dali Ancient City in the north; the clean spring water flows out from rocks and converge into a transparent pond. The two ancient acacia trees by the side of the pond have lush branches and cover the pond. The flowers bloom and seem like butterflies,so people called it "Butterfly Tree". In early summer,the tree flowers bloom,and the light yellow flowers emit fragrance,attracting tens of thousands of butterflies fluttering,or form clusters "with feelers binding other's, hanging upside down from the tree and the surface of spring water, forming a colored wonder."

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Lovers' Lake

2021/02/03 / Butterfly Spring

The Lovers' Lake was established in 1996. There are luxuriant trees beside the lake. Thesakuras bloom in winter and albizia flowers give out fragrance in summer. [ Details ]

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