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San Yue Jie (March Street Festival of Bai Nationality)

Held between the fifth day and the twenty-first day of the third lunar month, the festival is one of the most magnificent folk celebrations of the Bai ethnic minority. The ceremony takes place just outside the western gate of Dali Ancient City. People come from every corner of the city at this time, dancing and singing; some trading are conducted on the spot too.

Butterfly Feast

It is a fest for the Bai ethnic boys and girls, held usually on the fifteenth day of the fourth lunar month near the Butterfly Spring. Stones are thrown into the spring and songs are sung with the hope of finding Mr or Miss Right.

Raosanling of Bai Nationality

It is a grand public function of the Bai people, held on the twenty-third day of the fourth lunar month. Everyone tries to be at the function promptly. The ceremony is aimed at praying for rain before the farming season begins.

Festival of Song Competition in Shibaoshan

Date: 27th-29th of the seventh lunar month

This is one the greatest festivals of the Bai people, which is yearly held in the beautiful Shibaoshan Mountain. It is said by the Bai people that singing in the Shibaoshan Mountain will give them good fortune and good health. On the day, the Bai people will dress up and gather here for song competition and visiting. Come to night, they will continue to sing and dance around the bonfire. In 2008, this festival has been listed as one of the State-level Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Hometown of Camellia

From every December to the next April, the whole Dali City is decorated by the various kinds of blooming camellia. In fact, Dali has been noted for its camellia for hundreds of years that the local camellia has been transplanted to England in the 17th century. While the Sixth Camellia Expo has been held successfully in Dali in 2008, more and more travelers are attracted by this charming city.

Feast of Jizu Mountain

Date: 1st-15th of the first lunar month

During this time, the nearby local of different minorities will gather to the Jizu Mountain for praying and enjoying the mountain's great scene. It is also a tradition to view the sunrise at the top of the mountain, especially on the 15th. Additionally, some interesting folk shows are also available during this period.

Gegen Fair

Date: 5th of the first lunar month

Gegen is a kind of nourishing vine that is available for eating. On the day, people will come to the Three Pagodas Temple and trade Gegen. On the other hand, other snacks and funny goods of Dali are also sold in the fair. The fair will last until to the afternoon so that you will also have an opportunity to visit the Three Pagodas.

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