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Xu Xiake Statue

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As early as in Ming Dynasty,Butterfly Spring had been known by people in other places; as a famous geographer,traveler and writer,Xu Xiake traveled to Dali and had went to all the famous landscapes and scenes. He made the subtle and accurate records about Butterfly Spring of Dali in his famous "Xu Xiake's Travel Notes" and this was one of the earliest text records about Butterfly Spring among all the historic sites.In his travel notes:“At the foothill,under a big tree, whose trunk a person needs two arms to hold around, uprightly leaning near the cliff,there is a spring coming out of the tree root and running eastwards. The spring is so clear which can be used as a mirror"..."The large tree covers over the spring and with its flowers blossoming as butterflies in the early Apri!”.

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Therefore,on the 400th birthday anniversary of Xu Xiake,the scenic area carved the statue of Xu Xiake with pink granite,The statue is erected in the flowers,with sideburns fluttering to commemorate the great writer.

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