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Legend of Butterfly Spring (1)

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Legend of Butterfly Spring Butterfly Spring was formerly known as Bottomless Pond.According to the legend, a long time ago,a Bai nationality girl named Wen Gu lived in Yangjiao Village at the foot of Yunnong Peak of Changshan Mountain; A Bai nationality young hunter named Xia Lang lived on Yunnong Peak; The two were a pair of lovers. However,the prince liked Wen Gu and dispatched soldiers to kidnap Wen Gu into his palace. 

One night,Xia Lang successfully rescued Wen Gu,and they escaped to Bottomless Pond and then were besieged by the chasing soldiers. Xia Lang tried hard to defend,but he was not able to fight the soldiers;eventually they jumped into the pond in despair. 

In the next morning,a pair of colorful butterflies flew out of Bottomless Pond,attracting countless butterflies from all around areas to dance here.The ancestors of Bai nationality renamed the pond as Butterfly Spring in order to commemorate Xia Lang and Wen Gu,and determined their death date,April 15th of Chinese lunar calendar,as the date of Butterfly Dating. 

In the past thousand years,the young girls and men all gathered by the side of Butterfly Spring on the date of Butterfly Dating to play trichord,sing love songs,and dance the Overlord Whip Dance and share love and happiness with beautiful butterflies.

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