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Legend of Butterfly Spring (2)

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Long, long ago, when the spring was still called the Pool without Bottom a father and his daughter lived by the pool. The daughter's name was Wen Gu. She was clever and beautiful just like a golden flower. She grew up, and fell in love with the hunter Xia Lang however Wen Gu was taken by a black-hearted landholder.

Xia Lang came back from hunting and went all to find her. The land holder's solders were sent to chase them and they were pursued relentlessly until they finally jumped into the Pool without Bottom.

At that very moment, there was lightening and loud thunder in the sky, a violent storm came. When the sun shone again after the storm, a pair of extremely beautiful butterflies flew out from the pool. They were followed by numerous small butterflies.  

The date was April, 15th in the lunar calendar. From then on, on this day of every year, thousands of beautiful butterflies would gather here and tell the moving love story. This how the Party of Butterfly got its name.

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