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Lovers' Lake

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The Lovers' Lake was established in 1996. There are luxuriant trees beside the lake. Thesakuras bloom in winter and albizia flowers give out fragrance in summer. 

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Standing here,you may feel as if coming into the paradise on earth. On April 15th of the lunar calendar every year when the "Butterfly Fair" was held,Jinhua(young girl) and Apeng (young man)will come to the Lovers' Lake to express their love after finding their loved ones with songs.Apeng will send a steel knife to Jinhua to indicate that his love is more faithful than  steel; Jinhua will present an embroidered pouch to Apeng to show that she is an ingenious woman who can run the home well.

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There are the corridor of special snacks and waterside stage beside the"Lover's Lake". You can taste the special snacks of Dali in the corridor while enjoying the wonderful performances of Bai nationality.

What a happy trip!

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