• Dali Butterfly Spring|National AAAA-Level Tourist Attraction

History and Culture

  • Apr2021
  • Dali Festivals

    2021/04/18 / Butterfly Spring

  • Mar2021
  • Legend of Butterfly Spring (1)

    In the past thousand years,the young girls and men all gathered by the side of Butterfly Spring on the date of Butterfly Dating to play trichord,sing love songs,and dance the Overlord Whip Dance and share love and happiness with beautiful butterflies.

    2021/03/27 / Butterfly Spring

  • The Story of Butterfly Spring

    A long time ago, there was a beautiful girl in a Bai community. Her parents named her Jinhua, which means camillia. Within a warm, humid climate, Mount Cang has such a humid and mild climate, that all kinds of flowers flourish at Dali, especially camel

    2021/03/17 / Yehua Yao

  • Legend of Butterfly Spring (2)

    Long, long ago, when the spring was still called the Pool without Bottom a father and his daughter lived by the pool. The daughter's name was Wen Gu. She was clever and beautiful just like a golden flower. She grew up, and fell in love with the...

    2021/03/02 / Butterfly Spring

  • Feb2021
  • Ethnic cultures

    2021/02/10 / Butterfly Spring