• Dali Butterfly Spring|National AAAA-Level Tourist Attraction

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  • Apr2021
  • Butterfly Spring

    Every year during late spring and summer, the scent of heritiera parvifolia alongside Butterfly Spring will attract thousands of colorful butterflies gathered in the scenic area. The local Bai ethic group regard the spring a symbol of eternal and faith

    04/15 10:12 / Butterfly Spring

  • Butterfly Stele

    Butterfly stele

    04/15 11:22 / Butterfly Spring

  • Mar2021
  • Xu Xiake Statue

    On the 400th birthday anniversary of Xu Xiake,the scenic area carved the statue of Xu Xiake with pink granite,The statue is erected in the flowers,with sideburns fluttering to commemorate the great writer.

    03/28 00:18 / Butterfly Spring

  • Five Dragons Pool

    By the edge of Butterfly Spring,five clean springs spew from the five dragonheads,to form a wonderful scene,where five dragons spew water and water splashes. In the five smaller ponds under the dragonheads...

    03/28 00:08 / Butterfly Spring

  • Making-up Pool

    The Making-up Pool Is 0.5 m deep and looks like a crescent, so it is also known as "Crescent Pool".The pool water is very clear and as bright as a mirror.

    03/28 00:04 / Butterfly Spring

  • Stone Archway

    The stone archway has a long history,and it has very profound architectural features of Bai nationality in Dali, and is a typical representation of Bai' s architecture in Dali.

    03/27 23:59 / Butterfly Spring

  • Butterfly Gathering

    Butterfly Spring seeking for romance and love. It happens to be the flowering season with colorful butterflies flying near the spring.Many Chinese and foreign tourists join the folk fair making it a big and joyful event.

    03/27 23:33 / Butterfly Spring

  • Butterfly Museum

    The Butterfly Museum is in the shape of a big five-colored butterfly,which looks very grand and magnificent.

    03/27 23:27 / Butterfly Spring

  • Butterfly World

    The Butterfly World by Butterfly Spring is an ecological garden of butterflies. Here,there are over 100 species of butterflies. Tens of thousands of butterflies live and breed here every day.

    03/27 23:20 / Butterfly Spring

  • GuanQuan Pavilion

    GuanQuan Pavilion On the north side of Butterfly Spring Yongquan, there is a "eight corner Pavilion" with two layers of woden frame structure of antique and carved dragon and Phoenix,commonly known as "GuanQuan Pavilion", in which the...

    03/27 23:14 / Butterfly Spring